The research focuses on the gap between the general public perception of rural areas and the authentic socio-economic and cultural reality of rural life. The study critically examines the romantic and clichéd narratives surrounding villages, emphasizing the need for a more comprehensive understanding of the diverse dynamics. Divided into two main chapters, the objective is to challenge stereotypes through a multidimensional approach, combining theoretical insights and visual representations. The research begins with a general literature overview that sheds light on the concept of the 'village' and analyses the social changes that have affected rural areas from the 1990s to the present day. The second chapter uses photography to explore different perceptions and attitudes towards the transformation of the rural environment, using projects by contemporary Romanian born photographers. 

Keywords: visual representation; Romania; countryside; village; contemporary Romanian photography;
Year: 2024 I Language(s): English

The aim of the research is to give an overview of the current state of contemporary Hungarian photography in Romania by presenting the different creative careers of the artists. My research methodology is based on structured interviews with contemporary Hungarian photographers in Romania. My aim is to obtain, after the interviews are completed, a current situation report that serves as a realistic snapshot of the possibilities of professional integration, the interests, the paths taken and, last but not least, the vision of the future of the artists present and working in Romania. The lack of a coherent and systematic description of the subject in question, which has not been studied so far, could lead to a study that could form the basis for further research in the future.

Year: 2024 I Language(s): Hungarian; English